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Emily’s Garden System

Emily’s Garden System

Emily’s Garden System
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This small subaeration hydroponic system includes everything you need to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

This 16" x 24" garden with individual planters allows you to rotate or add new plants as you please.

It will fit just about anywhere - on a bench, a shelf, table, or out on the patio.

Each planter (filled with geolite growing medium) rests in a pump-areated nutrient solution.

Your plants absorb food and water as they need it. Pour in a little nutrient and water every week, and that's it!

System Features:
• Dimensions: 16" x 24"
• Formed Cover
• Six 6” x 6” x 7” Planters
• Geolite Growing Medium
• Seed Starter Cubes
• Pump and Tubing
• pH Test Kit
• Hydrofarm All Purpose Nutrient - 16 oz.
• Illustrated Instructions

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