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LED Grow Master LGM3 LED Grow Light

LED Grow Master LGM3 LED Grow Light

LED Grow Master LGM3 LED Grow Light
3 Cluster Professional LED Grow Light with Power Supply
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The LGM3 LED grow light is for the home plant grower. It is appropriate for all stages of plant growth. The output is enhanced with extra blues and deeper reds to encourage robust, compact growth, and actively promote blooming. The sleek, low profile package is easily mounted anywhere you would like to grow. The LGM3 brings efficiency to indoor growing.

• Low voltage, safe for family and pets.
• Low heat, barely warm to the touch.
• Saves energy, using only 9 watts of energy.
• Broad spectrum output supports plant growth and development and actively promotes blooming.
• Low light pollution, doesn’t interfere with normal room ambiance.
• Multi-bar kits allow operation of multiple Gro-Bars using a single power supply.

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