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LED Grow Master  LGM550 LED Grow Light

LED Grow Master LGM550 LED Grow Light

LED Grow Master  LGM550 LED Grow Light
5 Cluster Professional LED Grow Light with Power Supply
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Our most powerful model designed with the professional/commercial grower in mind. The LGM550 is a complete lighting solution. Specifically designed for horticulture and based on SolarOasis patented LED grow light technology. Promotes the growth and development of all photosynthesizing organisms. (plants, algae, bacteria) commonly found in hobby, commercial, and scientific areas of interest. LGM advanced technology has been proven in consumer, commercial, and research applications around the world for nearly a decade.

• Long service life. Each bar is rated for 100,000 hours of life. This is 11- 20 years of providing light energy with negligible degradation in light quality or quantity.
• Low operating temperature adds little to no heat to the growing environment. No noisy cooling fans required.
• Small, easy to mount and maintain product housing.
• The ideal mounting height above the plant canopy for one to three LGM550 bars in use as primary lighting is 28" - 18" (71cm - 46cm).
Through alternate mounting options or diffusers the bars can be mounted anywhere from 2" to 6' from the top of the plant canopy.
• Our LED grow bulb contains no glass parts.
• The bulb is free of lead and mercury.
• Extremely low energy use. Each LED Grow Master grow light runs on less than 10 watts. Low voltage operation offers greater safety in wet environments.
• The LGM550 is excellent in greenhouses or indoor gardens which need additional light energy without the heat.
• Our LED grow bulb has a built in reflector to direct light exactly where you need it.

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