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X Nutrients Grow Nutrient

X Nutrients Grow Nutrient

X Nutrients Grow Nutrient
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X Nutrients Grow Nutrient is well suited for all plants during the growth stages.

Grow Nutrient gives excellent results as a basic nutrient. It has the proper blend of NPK and trace elements. Use with Micro Nutrient for optimal results.

Grow Nutrient from X Nutrients supplies all the essential macro elements as well as many micronutrients.
The remaining micronutrients can be found in X Nutrients Micro Nutrient.
It is highly recommended that when using Grow, that Micro is also used, thereby forming a well balanced diet for plants.

Grow Nutrient is designed for all types of growing mediums, including hydroponics, soil, and coco.

General Usage:
Hydroponics - Use 15 mL per gallon in the reservoir.
Soil/Coco/Other medium - Use 15 mL per gallon for each watering.
Discard any unused mixed nutrients.

Never pre-mix with another product, always add directly to the reservoir.
Adjust the pH after adding all the products.

X Nutrients Grow Nutrient is available in a range of sizes.

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