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Multiplication Media Kit BA Hormone

Multiplication Media Kit BA Hormone

Multiplication Media Kit BA Hormone
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The Multiplication Media Kit contains enough nutrients, hormones, gel, and preservative to make one liter establishment/multiplication medium.

It contains one 4.43g bag or one 60ml bottle of MS nutrient salts with Gamborg formula vitamins, one 30ml or one 60ml bottle of Establishment/Multiplication hormones, one ml PPM preservative, and one 3.76 bag of proprietary blend gel gum powder/agar mix.

Add together with two tablespoons (30 grams) of ordinary white sugar and filtered water to make one liter of medium.

One liter of medium fills 50 6-oz. flip-top vials or 30 4- or 6-oz. baby food jars.

Multiplication hormone concentrate consists of 1.0mg/ml BA (benzylaminopurine) and 0.1mg/ml NAA (napthalene acetic acid).

To mix, begin by adding sugar to 900ml of filtered water.
Then add MS nutes and hormone liquid.
Stir to dissolve and bring total volume to one liter and check the pH.
Correct the pH to 5.8 or above and add agar powder slowly, stirring to mix.
Gel powder does not dissolve and will settle if not stirred.
Check the pH one more time to 5.8.

A turkey baster or sports drink bottle make a convenient dispensing tools. Swirl to mix and dispense a few vials at a time.

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