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MyHydroMinerals My Grow Minerals

MyHydroMinerals My Grow Minerals

MyHydroMinerals My Grow Minerals
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MyHydroMinerals™ is a one-of-a-kind product which has been scientifically proven to produce rapid root growth and increase nutrient density in plant and food crops.

MyHydroMinerals™ is magnetic vortex activated. This unique and revolutionary magnetic vortex technology removes the salt from ocean water to concentrate the ionic minerals. It raises the resonant frequency in the minerals to grow dense root masses for faster growth and stronger potency.

MyHydroMinerals™ is specifically designed to grow photoperiod sensitive plants and medicinal herbs. These types of plants require a greater amount of rare earth elements to synthesize the 120 different terpene and terpenoid molecules in medicinal plants as well as the active compounds in medicinal herbs.

MyHydroMinerals™ is a complex of ionic minerals and only ionic elements can enter the metabolic pathways into root and leaf cells. Food borne nutrition is based on the synthesis of molecules utilizing ionic elements extracted from the growing medium.

An independent analysis conducted on treated and untreated food crops has shown that essential mineral content is raised nearly 15% in one application. Just add MyHydroMinerals™ every time you change your reservoir water – weekly for inorganic growing mediums or every two weeks for organic growing mediums.

MyHydroMinerals™ Benefits:
- Increases root mass
- Increases yield
- Stimulates trichome production
- Maximizes flavor and potency
- Works with all NPK fertilizers
- Non toxic
- Safe for pets
- 100% Organic

Mixing Rate:
Plant Growing & Foliar Feeding Mixture:   15ml per gallon of water

Application Rate:
Food Crops & Medicinal Herbs: Apply growing mixture to your reservoir weekly if using inorganic (stone or clay) growing medium or apply every two weeks if using organic (coir or soil) growing medium.
Photoperiod Sensitive Plants:
During 18 hour daylight cycle apply the same rate as Food Crops.
Stop applying 2 weeks after light changes to 12 hours or less per day.

Foliar Feeding:
Use in combination with root feeding. Apply weekly with pump sprayer to the top and undersides of leaves.

MyHydroMinerals is available in a 16 ounce ready to use size and a one gallon concentrate.

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