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VersaGrow System

VersaGrow System

VersaGrow System
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The new VersaGrow system offers the perfect blend of performance and simplicity at a very competitive price.

Regardless of the growth method or medium chosen, the VersaGrow hydroponic system is the ideal tool to obtain a fast, rich, and flavourful harvest.

Each system comes with 10 1.75 gal pots, a 250 gph submersible pump, an 8.8 gallon reservoir, and all of the tube and drip emitters.
The VersaGrow measures 39" x 19" x 16".

The VersaGrow comes with a 3 year warranty and is made in Canada.

• Very affordable price;
• Made of sturdy and resistant ABS plastic;
• Amazing, high-quality results;
• Easy to use and maintain;
• Space-saving, compact design
• Most effective system on the market.

• Versatile and compatible with all types of media. Adaptable (Aeroponic, Drip, Ebb and Flow);
• Tank with a capacity of 80 L/21 gal. Internal pump and plumbing to prevent leaks;
• Fast and easy assembly. Move plants during culture to obtain even and optimal growth;
• Easy access to the large tank to monitor nutrient solution. Excellent drainage and flow with any method used;
• Versagrow Pots.

• 10 pots of 3.4L;
• 1 distribution hose;
• Culture tub;
• 100-liter Basin;
• multi-position lid;
• Submersible pump 250 gph.

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