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Humboldt Nutrients Sticky

Humboldt Nutrients Sticky

Humboldt Nutrients Sticky
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Foliar sprays are an easy way to ensure the quality of fruits and flowers in plants.

A proper foliar spray should include a wetting and binding agent to equally distribute and adhere the spray to the plant’s leaves.

Humboldt Sticky is a premium sticking and wetting agent which has been extensively tested in Northern California with phenomenal results.

Humboldt Sticky is formulated using premium ingredients which are simply unavailable in similar products.

Stomata are tiny plant organelles which are located on the surface of leaves and act as pores for liquid and gas exchanges. The role of the stomata is to catch nutrients and moisture from above. Applying foliar sprays is an additional way to get food into the plant, bypassing the root zone and directly feeding the plant.

With Humboldt Sticky, foliar sprays are fully utilized by the plant, eliminating waste or overfeeding.

By equally distributing the heavier elements of the foliar spray (micro-nutrients, trace elements, etc.) throughout the solution, the plants receive more complete, healthy, and useful nutrition.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)………………………………..0.5%
     0.5% Ammonical Nitrogen Derived from Ammonium Nitrate.

3% Organic saponins (derived from Yucca schidigera)

Directions For Foliar Spray:
STEP 1: Combine 15-30 milliliters (0.5 – 1 fl oz) of Humboldt Sticky for each gallon
       of NON-CHLORINATED water.
       Shake solution vigorously.
STEP 2: Add nutrients and additives to the solution.
       Be sure to always add your bloom fertilizers or boosters into the mixture last.
       Shake vigorously once again.
STEP 3: Spray solution evenly on garden when the
       sun is setting, or when lights are turning off;
       or alternatively when sun is coming up, or just before lights are turned on.

Stomata open up under light and slowly close during the night.
Humboldt Nutrients suggests spraying when the sun is setting,
this way you can alleviate evaporation of Foliar spray and the danger of foliar burns.
Always maintain a clean foliar spray bottle and a freshly mixed solution (NO sediment).

Most foliar sprays are used throughout the vegetative stage and up through the third week of bloom.

Humboldt Nutrients Sticky is available in 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz. sizes.

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