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Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous (0-18-16)

Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous (0-18-16)

Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous (0-18-16)
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Humboldt Nutrients is here to help accomplish the goal of GIANT flowers and ENORMOUS fruits.

Through extensive research and development, the Humboldt Nutrients teams of agronomists and chemists have created Ginormous (0-6-16).

Ginormous was specifically formulated to help plants yield larger fruits, reach higher Brix levels, and develop better aromas. Ginormous is free of any harmful hormones.

Using premium ingredients and containing macro and micro elements, this unique formula will assist plants in achieving the highest level of crop performance during their critical blooming stage.

Ginormous is designed to make even the most demanding gardeners ecstatic at harvest time. Yet Ginormous is so easy to use, first-time farmers will yield professional results.

Vegetables and fruits will be delicious, large, and Ginormous with this additive. With Ginormous, plants get top notch ingredients while the gardener gets peace of mind.

When used as a foliar spray in the first weeks of flowering, Ginormous can assist in effectively flipping the switch in a plant, sending it into an intense flowering cycle. It aids in initiating multiple flowering sites and helps to prevent fungal diseases from forming on the leaves.

Guaranteed Analysis
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)……………………………6.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…………………………..….....…………16%
Derived from Ammonium phosphate and potassium phosphite.

For Hydroponics: Mix the normal nutrients solution. Then add 5 - 15ml of Ginormous per gallon of nutrient reservoir.

For Soil: Add 5 - 15ml per gallon of water to the normal nutrient solution.

Foliar: Add 5 - 15ml per gallon of water. Spray directly onto plants during the evening or when lights are off.

For optimal results add Ginormous to your standard Humboldt Nutrients feeding schedule.

Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous is available in a range of sizes.

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