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Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 0-0-3

Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 0-0-3

Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 0-0-3
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Pro-TeKt® 0-0-3 The Silicon Solution® supplies increased levels of silicon and potassium.

Silicon is deposited in a hard, opalene form in the epidermal layers of leaves and stems and is incorporated into cell walls.
This creates a Pro-TeKtive barrier against insects and fungi.

Pro-TeKt® increases fertility, stem strength, leaf positioning, improves photosynthesis, and increases heat, drought, and cold tolerance.

Use as a supplement with any fertilizer on all plants.

Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt is available in quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 15 gallon sizes.

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