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BioBizz Coco-Mix

BioBizz Coco-Mix

BioBizz Coco-Mix
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BioBizz Coco-Mix is one of the most preferred coco coir products on the market.
It is 100% organic and can be used in combination with mineral or organic fertilizers.

Coco has become a very popular cultivation method because of its similarities to Hydroponics without the costs of maintaining a large system.

Coco coir, which is a bi-product of unused materials from the coconut industry, has proven to be an ideal medium to grow plants. In order for coco fibers to become useable, they must first break down over a period of time allowing the strong fibers to soften. They are then washed and shredded before becoming a useable substrate.

Coconut fibers contain plenty of air and little water, which may decrease its PH to 5 or 6.

Coco-Mix can be used with all Hydroponic crops to replace rock wool. Simply fill small pots with Coco-Mix and treat them like plugs.

Coco-Mix is compatible with all types of nutrients. It can also be used to refresh soil mixtures to improve aeration.

BioBizz Coco-Mix is available in 50 liter bags.

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