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Oasis Grow Tent 4' x 4'

Oasis Grow Tent 4' x 4'

Oasis Grow Tent 4' x 4'
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Brand new to the market are Oasis Grow Tents!

Made of highly reflective, light-tight material, these tents feature extra large zippered vents, making these the only TRUE light-proof tents.

No more messing around with annoying velcro strips or ties! Oasis Tents use single, heavy-duty, waterproof, airtight zippers on all openings, so you can now unzip and zip your windows and doors in one fluid motion and you can rest assured that no odors or gases will escape.

Oasis Tents are also one of the only tents to have clear windows which you can actually see through! The door and window flaps are also specifically designed so that they do not need to be rolled or tied up, they can hang easily without covering any neighboring vents or dragging on the ground.

Dual-sided duct openings allow you to tighten the canvas material around your ducting on the inside and outside of these tents.

Strong and durable with steel poles and a removable floor layer, leaks and spills are easily contained.

They also feature a unique attached accessory holder on the outside of the tent for added convenience!

All sizes will fit all major brand trays.

•  9" vent openings which will allow for 4", 6", or 8" ducting
•  Actual Dimensions: 58" x 58" x 84"
•  7 Vent Holes
•  Maximum weight per ceiling pole is approximately 40 lbs.

Download Oasis assembly instructions here.

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