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Platinium AeroStar Series

Platinium AeroStar Series

Platinium AeroStar Series
Platinium AeroStar 60 SeriesPlatinium AeroStar 40:90 SeriesPlatinium AeroStar 100 SeriesPlatinium AeroStar 120 Series
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Provide plants with a breath of fresh air with the Platinium Aerostar Hydroponics System.

Its independent pots and 100% ABS aero plates include an anti-UV barrier and light resistence, preventing the development of algae.

It comes fully equipped with pots (3.4L each) and a tank for nutrient solution. It also provides ease of access with a detachable hatch.

A graduated inlet enables quick viewing of the remaining water level to be able to add more when needed.

This system comes equipped with a xtrapump pump, irrigation ramp, and tubing kit including drippers and 360° sprayers. Oxygen-filled nutrient solution can now be distributed throughout the entire root chamber.

The Platinium Aerostar Hydroponics System is available in 5 models.

The AeroStar 40 Series features 4 sites and is 16" x 14.5" x 16".
Its reservoir holds 4 to 5.3 gallons.

The AeroStar 60 Series features 6 sites and is 23.5" x 23.5" x 16".
Its reservoir holds 9.8 to 11.8 gallons.

The AeroStar 40-90 Series features 15 sites and is 35.5" x 15" x 16".
Its reservoir holds 13.2 gallons.

The AeroStar 100 Series features 20 sites and is 38.5" x 38.5" x 16".
Its reservoir holds 23.8 gallons.

The AeroStar 120 Series features 30 sites and is 47.5" x 45.5" x 16".
Its reservoir holds 29 gallons.

Platinium Hydroponics 40 Series

Platinium Hydroponics 100 Series

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