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LTL CO2 Air Controller

LTL CO2 Air Controller

LTL CO2 Air Controller
LTL Air CO2 Controller PanelLTL Air CO2 Controller Sensor Probe
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The LTL CO2 Air Controller by LTL Controls will control the CO2 within the grow area with parts per million accuracy.

This controller features a remote combination sensor probe which includes a light sensor and a highly accurate NDIR CO2 sensor.

The sensor is designed to quickly react to changes in the growing area and to resist EMI / EFI from electronic ballasts.

The LTL Air has a standard power receptacle to connect the CO2 device (compressed or generator) and can be set to increase or decrease CO2 levels (if used with an exhaust fan).

The LTL Air can be programmed to activate during the Day, Night, or 24 Hours using the built-in photocell and it also has a feature to recall the Minimum and Maximum CO2 levels.

For added convenience the LTL Air may be hooked up to the power source of an exhaust fan controlled by a separate controller and the LTL Air will automatically disable CO2 production while the exhaust fan is running in order to eliminate CO2 waste.

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