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Medium System Package #1

Medium System Package #1

Medium System Package #1
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This Medium System Package will grow 15 plants. It includes a Hydrofarm MegaGarden and a Hydrofarm 400-watt Metal Halide System.

This popular garden will be home to virtually any type of plant you would like to grow. A single system can accommodate many different kinds of plants in various growth stages and in a variety of containers and growing mediums. This new addition gives you convenience and versatility in a 24"x 24" sized garden.

System Includes:
• 22" x 22" x 10" Grow Tray
• 7.5 Gallon Built-in Reservoir
• Submersible Pump
• Timer
• Seed Starter Cubes
• Geolite and 15 Planters
• Hydrofarm All Purpose Nutrient - 16 oz.
• Manual pH Test Kit
• Illustrated Instructions

The Hydrofarm Xtrasun Metal Halide System comes with a M400/U and a Horizontal Wing Reflector. The Ballast has a 5-year warranty, is air coolable, and has the heat sink outer casing for quick cooling.

The horizontal wing reflector has a bubbled surface for even light dispersement and it hangs easily.

The Xtrasun ballast is one of the coolest-running ballasts on the market today! It contains an internal separation plate which keeps the heat of the transformer away from the capacitor and ignitor. This translates into a longer life for both of these components.

These ballasts now come with dual voltage. You no longer have to specify if you want 120V or 240V or open the box to rewire. The system comes with the 120V cord. A 240V cord is also available.

Metal Halide lamps provide the blue light which plants require to grow.

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