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Small Cloning Package #1

Small Cloning Package #1

Small Cloning Package #1
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This Small Cloning Package will produce 25 clones in a matter of days.
It includes a Botanicare Clone 25 Machine, 4 oz. Power Clone Gel, and a Hydrofarm Compact fixture with 125-watt Blue Compact bulb.

The clone machine works on true aeroponic principles. This technology ensures superior aeration for maximum root development.

Each Clone Machine includes the reservior, net pots, root guards, pump, Hydroguard, and Power Clone solution.

Easy to use. Dip the cutting into a root stimulator, place the cutting into the neoprene collar and into the 2" pot.
Operate the machine for 24-hour periods until roots appear, then transplant into any desired growing medium. Power Clone solution is included.

The compact fluorescents are great systems which offer an alternative way of growing indoors in small areas. Because these systems do not produce heat, you can put them within inches of the plants, providing more light energy close to your plants.

Full spectrum blue bulbs ensure proper vegetative development and red bulbs ensure maximum flowering. 10,000 hours of life.

These systems provide enough lumens to grow from seed to harvest. They're great for cuttings too!

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