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Humboldt Nutrients White Widow

Humboldt Nutrients White Widow

Humboldt Nutrients White Widow
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Mycorrhizal inoculants are crucial to sustaining a healthy, expansive root zone.

White Widow is the newest and most powerful soluble mycorrhizal from Humboldt Nutrients.

White Widow is a mycorrhizal powder containing mycological spores.

It is a diverse, pure endomycorrhizal.

The effectiveness of a soluble mycorrhizal inoculant is heavily dependent on two variables: the number of spores in the product itself and the ability of that product to become soluble in water.

White Widow is an extra-fine powder which quickly and easily dissolves in water.

With White Widow the speed and aggressiveness of a plant’s root development can be increased.

It is common to see large, furry, bright white roots shooting out of the bottom of containers only a week after transplanting by adding White Widow.

Humboldt Nutrients White Widow is sold in 8 oz. jars.

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