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Grodan 6" Slab

Grodan 6" Slab

Grodan 6" Slab
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The final stage of planting with growing blocks is the Grodan slab.

These slabs come in clearly marked UV resistant poly sleeves for ease of use.

Water and nutrient distribution is now more uniform providing a larger effective rooting volume than previously possible.

This slab is recommended for larger, long term crops with extensive roots like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. Typically, seedlings in blocks are placed onto slabs.

Grodan is the slab which drains the fastest because of its vertical fibers.
It is a special wet/dry slab. The top layer is thicker, which stays wetter, while the bottom layer stays drier. In effect it defies gravity, allowing more even distribution of moisture throughout the slab.

These Grodan slabs are 3" high x 36" wide x 6" deep and are sold by the case.
A case contains 12 slabs.

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