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AutoPot Easy2Grow 2-Pot Tray System

AutoPot Easy2Grow 2-Pot Tray System

AutoPot Easy2Grow 2-Pot Tray System
The Easy2Grow  patented AQUAvalve
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These new Easy2Grow Kits from AutoPot are the latest generation of self-watering planters which require absolutely no electricity, allowing them to be used virtually anywhere.

Extremely effective and widely tested, these new systems have been used in commercial greenhouse applications for years, and are now available to the home gardener.

The Easy2Grow Kits feature the patented AQUAvalve which automatically provides the proper amount of water to the roots of the plant using only gravity.

Perfect for use in the backyard, on the deck, patio, balcony ... anywhere you want to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, while automatically feeding and watering them, without the need for costly electricity.

For expansion capability, the Double AutoPot™ Tray is available separately.

The 2-Pot Tray System includes:
• Two (2) 8.5 liter (1.93 US dry gallon) square growing pots
• The dual AutoPot™ Tray (2 cavities) and AQUAvalve cover
• 1 AQUAvalve™
• 1.5 meters (5 feet) of 6mm (1/4in) supply tubing
• 2 Root Control Discs
• 2 Marix Discs
• An inline filter
• Complete instructions

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