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Hanna Tri-Meter - pH/TDS/Temperature Monitor

Hanna Tri-Meter - pH/TDS/Temperature Monitor

Hanna Tri-Meter - pH/TDS/Temperature Monitor
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Set-up is simple. Install the Tri-meter near the sample to be tested, plug the indicator in, and immerse the probes.
pH, TDS, and temperature measurements will be simultaneously displayed on three backlit LCDs. Users can easily select the temperature unit (°C or °F) on the back panel.

The HI 1286 gel-filled pH electrode is provided with a waterproof sleeve to protect the BNC connector.

The unique design of the electrode provides longer life in aggressive solutions.

The HI 7634 TDS probe is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

Measurements are accurate and the meter can be calibrated at one or two points for pH and at a single point for TDS.
Temperature is factory calibrated.

The Tri-meter includes the HI 1286 pH electrode, TDS probe (fixed), temperature probe (fixed), pH 4.01 buffer solution sachet, pH 7.01 buffer solution sachet, 1500 ppm calibration solution sachet, electrode cleaning solution sachet (2), a screwdriver, a 12 VDC adapter, and instructions.

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