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Ebb & Gro 12 Pot System

Ebb & Gro 12 Pot System

Ebb & Gro 12 Pot System
Ebb & Gro Controller
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The Ebb & Gro Multi-Pot System is the most versatile ebb and flow hydroponics system on the market.

The basic configuration starts with 12 growing pots and will support up to 48! Each grow pot consists of 2 pots nested inside each other so that you are be able to pick up the inner pot and move the plants from one site to another on the system to even out the growlight coverage more accurately.

The Ebb & Gro is easy to set up. All parts fit inside the 55-gallon reservoir for easy transportation or storage between crops.

This ebb and flow system floods and drains planters on the cycle you set on the included reservoir controller. The 2-gallon pots are ideal for larger plants and can be placed as close at 10 inches as you start your garden, then spread apart as your plants mature.

Ebb & Gro Multi-Pot System includes:
• 12 - 2 gallon pots & 55 gallon reservoir
• Controller with 2 submersible Via Aqua 305 water pumps and a C.A.P. timer
• Tubing and connectors
• Detailed set up and operating instructions

The Ebb & Gro Multi-Pot System comes with a manufacturer's 3 year warranty on the controller and 6 months on the pumps.
NOTE: As with most ebb and flow systems, the C.A.P. Ebb & Gro controller and 2-gallon pots must be on the same level to operate properly.

Controller units are available separately if you wish to make your own system and they include the pumps.

The Ebb & Gro Multi-Pot System is designed to utilize hydroton growing medium which is NOT included - please remember to order. One 50 liter bag of hydroton fills up to six grow pots.

You can also use Grodan Grow Cubes for your growing medium, two large bags will fill all 12 pots.

Ebb & Gro System Instructions can be found here.

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