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Xtrasun Wing Reflector

Xtrasun Wing Reflector

Xtrasun Wing Reflector
Xtrasun Wing Reflector
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Xtrasun Wing Reflectors offer very good performance at reasonable prices.

They are solidly built and compatible with all Hydrofarm and Xtrasun ballasts.

They are priced to fit any budget.

• These reflectors provide a bright and broad spread of light
• They are exceptionally lightweight
• They measure 12.5” high x 19.75” wide x 6.5” long
• These reflectors accept all high pressure sodium bulbs
• They accept BT-37 metal halide bulbs
• They feature highly reflective European specular aluminum
• Lamp holder and cord are installed so they are ready to use
• They come with a 5 year warranty on reflective materials and are CSA certified


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