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Xtrasun 1000-watt MH Megagarden System

Xtrasun 1000-watt MH Megagarden System

Xtrasun 1000-watt MH Megagarden System
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This package pairs the 1000-watt Xtrasun Metal Halide System with the the popular Megagarden.

The Xtrasun Metal Halide System provides reliable service at reasonable prices.

Designed in America, with features and materials normally found in higher priced systems, this has become the most popular value-priced unit on the market.

Its unique patented aluminum housing with convection cooling runs so cool it comes with a 5 year warranty - the longest in its class.

• Dual voltage
• Versatility - works with most fixtures
• Very affordable
• 5 year warranty on the ballast's electrical components
• Aluminum fins, louvers, and ports for extra cooling efficiency
• Compatible with all Hydrofarm reflectors and most others

The Xtrasun System includes:
• Xtrasun Ballast with 120v power cord
• Xtrasun Aluminum Wing Reflector with installed cord set
• Plantmax Metal Halide bulb

Get the convenience of an Ebb & Flow System in a 22” x 22” x 10” size garden.

The Megagarden System will water all the plants uniformly on a timed cycle by pumping nutrient solution up from a reservoir to it’s controlled water level tray.

System Features:
• Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 10”
• 7.5 Gallon Reservoir
• Formed Cover
• Fifteen 5.5” Square Planters
• Growing Medium
• Seedling Starter Cubes
• Submersible Pump and Timer
• pH Test Kit
• Nutrient
• Illustrated Instructions

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