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Vertizontal Reflector

Vertizontal Reflector

Vertizontal Reflector
Socket Assembly with 15' Cord
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The Vertizontal Reflector burns metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps in the horizontal position but in an eight-sided, parabolic-shaped reflector.

In the horizontal burning position, much of the lamp’s light is thrown straight down and the balance of the lamp’s light which emanates upward is re-directed back down in eight different directions simultaneously due to the unique shape of the center piece.

The center of the reflector is made entirely of 95% reflective European aluminum for maximum reflectivity and evenness.

The Vertizontal also features our Adjust-a-Socket mechanism for horizontal and vertical lamp adjustment.

The socket and cord set is sold separately.

The Vertizontal Reflector measures 46" diameter x 10" deep.

The advantages of vertical reflectors:
The large size provides a wide area of coverage from low mounting heights;
They will accommodate all sizes of MH and HPS lamps.
The low mounting height reduces the distance to plants and thus increases light levels.

The advantages of horizontal reflectors:
HID lamps emit light in a continuous 360° ring emanating out from the arc tube.
The main reason horizontally-mounted lamps perform better is that much of their light is thrown downward.


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