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Technaflora B. Seaweed

Technaflora B. Seaweed

Technaflora B. Seaweed
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Technaflora B. Seaweed is an optimal growth stimulant for plants.

Technaflora's exceptional liquid extract is made from 100% pure, organic British Columbia kelp (Macrocystis integrifolia).

Years of practical experience have taught British Columbia's gardeners that the use of seaweed facilitates vital and flourishing growth.

Sea kelp is the source of more than 60 nutrients, vitamins, and hormones which support and strengthen hearty, thriving plants.

B. Seaweed is an aggressive, organic way for growers to supplement their regular feeding programs.

Technaflora's B.C. kelp is harvested by hand and in accordance with all government regulations, preserving the integrity of the seabed for future generations.

B. Seaweed is ultra-concentrated, and must be diluted with water for use in irrigation solutions or as a foliar spray.

Ideal as an additive for organic tea mixtures, versatile B. Seaweed is also a superior soil tonic, and can be added to the hydroponic reservoir with confidence.

Anyway it is used, B. Seaweed is a naturally organic way to boost growth and achieve full, healthy plants.

Technaflora B. Seaweed is available in a 1-liter bottle.

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