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Atami Bloombastic

Atami Bloombastic

Atami Bloombastic
Atami Bloombastic -- 325mlAtami Bloombastic -- 1250ml
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Atami Bloombastic is the most complete Bloom Stimulator on the market today.

This one-bottle wonder will transform your garden by elevating its overall quality and yield.

Bloombastic is a highly concentrated, pure mineral PK boost as well as a cutting-edge plant metabolic booster.

Bloombastic is engineered to stimulate enzymatic processes on several levels increasing a plant's resistance to stress factors such as: heat, dry air, high light intensity, disease, and nutrient deficiencies.

Bloombastic will elevate the performance of any brand of base nutrient.

• All bloom additives in one bottle: booster, accelerator, hardener & flower enhancer
• Bloombastic is highly concentrated
• Bloombastic stretches the flower cell, increasing intake capacity of potassium
• Bloombastic triggers the sugar and bloom production
• It creates more compact and heavier blooms compared to competitive products
• There will also be an increase in essential oils
• Bloombastic contains at least 50% more phosphorus and potassium than competitive bio-stimulants
• Contains sea kelp and clay minerals which make it organic so it delivers a healthful end product
• Bloombastic is suitable for all substrates and can be used in hydroponic, soil and coco applications

Standard usage:
Start with 2ml per gallon of nutrient solution.
In the final 4 weeks of the bloom cycle, increase usage to 4ml per gallon of nutrient solution.
Do a good flush before increasing the dose to 4ml per gallon.

Atami Bloombastic is available in 80ml, 325ml, and 1250ml sizes.

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