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Rapid Rooter Mat

Rapid Rooter Mat

Rapid Rooter Mat
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The Rapid Rooter™ mat is a natural, soilless, plant-starting medium.

This mat has 98 cross-cut planting sites which separate into one-inch cubes for propagating cuttings and germinating seeds.

Rapid Rooter plugs are all natural soilless growing plugs made of composted tree bark and organic materials. These plugs are perfect for seedlings and cuttings. Transplant plugs into soil or soilless hydrogardening applications.

The breakthrough technology used in Rapid Rooter results in a unique matrix of composted organic material bound together by plant-derived polymers.

Rapid Rooter is created through a scientifically controlled process which produces large populations of beneficial microbes in the plug medium. These naturally occurring beneficial microbes colonize young roots and help young plants to resist disease while maximizing nutrient intake.

The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix causes explosive early root growth.

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