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Vita Grow Water Conditioner

Vita Grow Water Conditioner

Vita Grow Water Conditioner
Vita Grow Water ConditionerVita Grow Water Conditioner -- 8 Fl OzVita Grow Water Conditioner -- 1 QuartVita Grow Water Conditioner -- 1 Gallon
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Vita Grow Water Conditioner helps make even the worst water supplies useable for plant growth.

Whether you’re watering or fertilizing, the application of Vita Grow Water Conditioner will help all plants.

Water is the foundation for plant growth, whether you are growing in soil or hydroponics.

The plant’s ability to take in water and nutrients is extremely important.

Community and home water supplies, both municipal and well water can no longer be expected to maintain a consistent quality.

Many water supplies have an excess of soluble compounds and chemicals which can cause soil fertilizers and hydroponic nutrients to become unbalanced.

This imbalance results in unexpectedly poor plant growth.

Also, nutrients running through pumps can pick up an adverse electrical charge which can lead to nutrients becoming less available to the plant.

Vita Grow Conditioner is derived from natural sources; however, it is not intended to purify water for drinking.

Vita Grow Water Conditioner is available in 4 fl oz, 8 fl oz, 1 quart, and 1 gallon sizes.

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