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Supernatural Gro Aqua (12-5-13)

Supernatural Gro Aqua (12-5-13)

Supernatural Gro Aqua (12-5-13)
Supernatural Gro Aqua 12-5-13 -- 2.27 Kilograms
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Supernatural Grow Aqua (12-5-13) is a hydroponic plant food.

It provides plants with a pure, readily available nutrient profile for fast, healthy vegetative growth.

It is very rich in calcium and pH buffered for maximum nutrient uptake in both hydroponics and aeroponic applications.

Supernatural Aqua Fertilizers contain all the essential macro and micro elements in their proper ratio to force a plant into a specific stage of growth.

They feature the latest in high performance ingredients, such as ammonia-free calcium nitrate, which is of the purest form and other select minerals which contain higher levels of oxygen. This is very important for continuous feeding.

Supernatural Grow Aqua (12-5-13) is sold in 400 gram and 2.27 kilogram sizes.

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