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Technaflora SugarDaddy

Technaflora SugarDaddy

Technaflora SugarDaddy
Technaflora SugarDaddy --1 Gallon
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The unique combination of ingredients in Technaflora SugarDaddy are vital for all stages of plant growth and development.

During the seedling stage SugarDaddy rapidly accelerates sprout growth and prepares plants for transplanting.

During the vegetative stage SugarDaddy promotes strong plant structure which is a critical precursor to final yield success.

Of maximum benefit during both transition and reproduction, SugarDaddy fosters healthy stage progression by limiting detrimental transition-related stressors.

Further, the lower nitrogen levels often found in flowering-stage fertilizers are supplemented by the use of SugarDaddy.

As carbohydrate, protein, and fatty acid synthesis is achieved, vigorous growth rates are maintained along with the production of essential oils and the aroma value of flower buds and fruits.

Technaflora SugarDaddy is available in 1 quart and 1 gallon sizes.

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