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LGM Chrome 9-Spot LED Grow Light

LGM Chrome 9-Spot LED Grow Light

LGM Chrome 9-Spot LED Grow Light
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The LGM Chrome series of LED plant lighting is both powerful and efficient.

The unique, patent-pending lens is designed to increase both penetration and PAR output.

All LGM LED Chrome LED Plant Lights features:
•  Wavelengths: 680nm, 660nm, 630nm
•  White: 12000k
•  Blue/UV: 425nm, 460nm

These lights have a Hybrid Compound Lens inspired by the lenses used in lighthouses around the world to maximize the power and penetration of lights.

The Chrome lens includes characteristics of a 30, 60, 70, 90, and 120 degree lens. Just as a prism bends light in different ways, the Chrome lens was developed to optimize PAR at various distances, allowing the light to cover larger areas.

The lenses are different from one LED to the next and work all together in the modular design to make sure that the plants are getting a perfect mixture of all wavelengths.

The LGM Chrome series includes a cooling fan to maximize airflow throughout the grow light. It uses a high axial-flow, 120mm bearing fan with sealed bearings and a thin-profile fan cover for maximum air throughout.

The LGM Chrome series comes with a universal 100v-250v, 50/60hz power supply
Rated Hours: 40,000

•  Size: 16” L x 16” W x 3”H;
•  LEDs: 135- 3w High Output – 60mil;
•  Energy Draw: ~235 Watts;
•  Coverage Area: 3’ x 3' (at 18”), 3.75 ' x 3.75' (at 24”), 4.5' x 4.5' (at 36”);
•  Linking: Link up to 3 Chrome 9-Spots using 1 power cord;
•  Weight: ~14 Pounds, Shipping Weight 17 Pounds.

LGM LED Chrome 9-Spot LED Grow Lights are sold individually.

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