New Growers
New Growers

In some quarters, hydroponics is thought of as being rather complicated. It is not.
The technology available to hydroponics is becoming more and more sophisticated but the actual process is quite simple.

As with any new endeavor, increasing experience and understanding make it less daunting. Even the most expert gardener at some time had to grow his or her first plant. Learning to grow plants using hydroponics is easy and can be almost magical.

Hydroponics, like so many other specialties, is replete with its own terminolgy.
If you come across an acronym or term with which you are unfamiliar,
find it in the Glossary.

Plants, in any form of gardening, have the same requirements to flourish: light; water; air; nutrients; and warmth. A good starting point for hydroponics
is to become familiar with the Workings of a Plant.

Once there is a basic understanding of what a plant needs to thrive, we can see how hydroponics addresses these needs through the various Types of Hydroponics Systems.

Depending upon individual circumstances and the availability of natural sunlight,
extra light may be needed to help your plants grow. Lighting types and concepts can be found in the Lighting Overview.

Most of our starting systems come with all you need to begin growing.
In the Nutrition Overview you can become acquainted with what nurients
a plant needs to thrive.

We have gathered here a small selection of products for the new grower to get started. Other suitable products can be found elsewhere on this site.

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